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At Big Bear, we will work out a custom estimate for your remodeling project based on your needs and budget. We have three tiers of products for our interior and exterior projects; a good, a better, and a best. This way you judge where you need to be in terms of the quality of the materials as well as the cost of the remodel. We can always give you a range over the phone, but we are happy to come out and give you a free custom estimate based on your specific wants and needs.



Our standard level of products and pricing includes builder grade and box store items. These are quality products for homeowners on a strict budget. If you need a remodel and you don't want to spend a ton of money, Big Bear can help.



  • All-in-one Vanity w/ Top

  • Standard Double Pane Windows

  • Solid Surface Countertops

  • Standard Vinyl Siding

  • Acrylic Shower Stall



Our upgraded level of products and pricing includes mostly custom made products with more luxury options. These are higher quality products for homeowners that want the best materials and workmanship for the best price.



  • Semi-Custom Wood Vanity

  • Insulated Double Pane Windows

  • Level A-D Granite Countertops

  • Premium Vinyl Siding

  • Custom Acrylic Shower Stall



Our top level of products and pricing includes the highest quality products for homeowners concerned more about value and less about cost. If you need a high-end remodel, Big Bear will tailor a project to all your custom needs.



  • Custom Solid Wood Vanity 

  • Insulated Triple Pane Windows

  • Quartz or High Level Granite 

  • Insulated Vinyl or Steel Siding

  • Custom Natural Stone Shower Stall

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