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BOCA Diamond Elite Low Step Walk-In Tub

BOCA's  Industry Leading Safety Features & Options:
The  Lowest Step-in Threshold in the Industry today 

Zero to Two & a half Inches  -  0 - 2½"

Because of  our patent pending frameless design, we are able to make the BOCA Walk-in Tub with the safest step-in height on the market today at only 0 – 2 ½ ". Most walk-in tubs today have a 6-9" step-in, which is only a few inches less than a conventional bath tubs entry eight.

Numerous Sizes and Design of Our Walk in Bathtubs

BOCA offers a variety of different sized walk-in tubs to fit the needs of any user or bathroom size. We promise to find a safe solution for your bathing needs, and of course, you may customize any of our tubs with the hydrotherapy options and specialty features such as Chromo Therapy, Bidet hygiene solutions, Ozone Cleaning, Aromatherapy, Safety Grab Bars (standard), and more...
Easy Lock Door Latch and Leak Proof Design

The BOCA Tub comes with an Easy-Use locking handle that requires minimal force otoperate. In addition, our door seal is backed by 
Our Leak-Free Guarantee and our door is secured to the frame using a sturdy, full length piano style hinge.
Comfort-Curve Door Design

 Our walk-in tub offers a unique Comfort-Curve design. This design feature allows our customers to easily close the door from a seated position as the door passes by their legs. We also have a "U shaped" door design for special needs circumstances.

Auto-purge Self Cleaning System

If you have ever turned on the water jets after a period of idleness on a spa or jetted bathtub, you know that dangerous mold & mildew may spew out of the jets when you turn them on. The BOCA walk-in tub comes with an auto-purge system which dries out the lines after each use to prevent harmful mold and mildew from entering your next bath's water.

High gloss Bacteria, Mold & Mildew Resistant Sanitary Marine-Grade Gel Coat Finish

Only the Best!! - The BOCA Walk in Bathtub comes with a very generous
application of our true Marine Grade bacteria and mold resistant gel coat. This gives your BOCA tub a beautiful high-gloss shine while resisting bacteria and making cleaning virtually effortless.
17" High ADA Compliant Non-Slip Seat & Anti-slip Floor

 Our walk-in tub comes with a contoured seat that is 17" high. This height is ADA compliant and makes standing and sitting from this level easy and comfortable. The BOCA's seat is designed to be very comfortable and can include an adjustable Bidet jet if desired. The floor of our walk-in tub is engineered to be highly slip resistant to prevent slips and falls.
Speed Draining System

 Our walk-in-tub typically drains in the of 2 - 2 1/2  minutes.*
Ozone Water Purification System (optional)

 You may equip your Walk-in Tub with an Ozone Water Purification System. This is the same system used in bottled water purification to kill harmful  bacteria.

Custom hydrotherapy  jetting
We offer 18 hydro air jets or 10 water  jets or a combination of both. Standard placement is around the seat back, in  front of your legs, behind your legs and along the side wall. If you prefer, we  will custom jet your tub to meet your individual needs.

 Fits into standard tub spaces

The length of the front panel is  extended, and designed to be trimmed to fit each existing tub space. The result  is the appearance of a custom made built in tub. We offer an array of sizes to fit into virtually an tub, shower, or custom bath space.

Easy Maintenance

The front panel is completely removable, allowing for ease of maintenance on all tub components if ever needed.



Understanding the Benefits of the BOCA designed Walk-in Bathtub

 ·   First understand that whirlpool tubs and garden tubs have been in homes for over 30 years. They have been installed without a steel frame, 
and have served their owners well.

  ·   The “Diamond Elite” is 3 times thicker than the old style walk in tub, which means no cracking or spidering of the fiberglass (a major problem with other manufacturers walk-in bathtubs).

  ·   The elimination of the steel frame allows the “Diamond Elite” to sit lower to the ground, thus creating the revolutionary

2 ½” step inthe lowest threshold of any walk-in bathtub made. (The average step up for walk in tubs is 6 to 9 inches.)

  ·   With the steel frame style of walk-in tubs, if a jet or faucet were to break or start leaking, you would have no room to fix this or any other problem that may occur, without first removing the entire tub, fixing the problem, then reinstalling the tub. The steel frame style of walk-in tubs, usually made in China or Europe also has a builder’s flange around the edge that causes the walls to have to be removed, or if tiled, re-tiled as well. Our premier “Diamond Elite” has ample room to work or fix any problem within minutes, without the headache of time consuming and often costly tub removal and replacement.

 ·  Installation and the ability to perform maintenance are two additional important features that set the “Diamond Elite” apart from other walk in tubs. Since this newly designed tub does not have a steel cradle frame, it is much easier to install, and can easily be installed by any licensed plumbing contractor. Thorough, easy to follow installation instructions are provided. Service is made easy because the whole front panel comes off for easy access to the plumbing and motor. That’s different from most other tubs currently on the market, which only have two small panels, making it almost impossible to reach any plumbing problem without uninstalling the tub completely.

  ·  Because the “Diamond Elite” walk-in bathtub is thicker and stronger, it will not flex or wobble like other walk-in tubs. Also, the extra thick walls are warranted not to graze, spider crack, chip, or delaminate after years of use.


* Fast Draining System effectiveness may depend on the age and functionality of the existing plumbing in the house where the walk-in tub is installed. This is the case with any and all bathtub replacements - regardless of design and/or manufacturer. Boca has engineered the tub design to drain quickly without the need for gimmicks such as dual drains or dangerous electronic pumps.


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